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How to Get Organized This Fall

Updated: May 31, 2023

With fall right around the corner, we're sharing tips on how to get organized in your home - so you can feel your best this new season. From the type of decor you choose, to the organizational methods you have in place (i.e. making to-do lists or meal-prepping), it all begins with looking around your living space. Getting organized starts with noticing what you use on the regular and what just sits there, kind of...forgotten, but definitely taking up space. It's about noticing what brings you joy and what really doesn't anymore.

The first step is purging. We recommend going through each room and creating a box full of items that you no longer use or no longer feel joyful towards. The more you donate these items to local foundations or those in need, the lighter you'll feel, trust me. Your whole space will change as a result. Out with the old, in with the upcycled, I like to say.

Next, comes the declutter game. Now that you've established what is going and what is staying, it's time to make things neat and tidy. This is where the right kind of functional home decor pieces come in. Items like upcycled crates, wall racks, trays and jars are not only gorgeous, fun and trendy, they act as ways to keep areas of your home clutter-free. A crate instantly becomes a place to store all those shoes piled at the front door, or a place for gloves, umbrellas and anything else that gets left behind in the front entranceway. Wall racks become an easy way to hang a jacket, sweater or scarf so that they don't end up tossed on the nearest surface. And trays are an excellent way to display toiletries in your bathroom or tidy up your coffee table.

After that, it's all about making habits that count. Routines and healthy habits can help your mind feel organized just as much as your space. You can use vintage chalkboards in your kitchen to list out the menu for the week, the after-school activities, the appointments, reminders or even positive affirmations. Hanging up your clothes in your closet will also become a habit you'll love with labeled hangers that make you feel excited about opening those doors and choosing outfits each day.

The summer is always a busy time and there is no better feeling than getting things organized in your home for a new approaching season. What's even better - we have all of the items mentioned above for sale in our shop to make it as easy as possible to say goodbye to clutter and hello to a stunning home and relaxing peace of mind.

Your home is your haven, the place you spend the most time, the place filled with countless memories, so why not turn it into a space you absolutely love?

For more tips and advice on home organization as well as furniture and decor pieces to help you achieve this, checkout our social media pages. And don't forget to browse our shop for the items that speak the most to you!

Happy organizing!

- Bev, Furniture at 151

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