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Marble Surface



Furniture at 151 grew from my passion for home decor and my love for creative expression.

After a fulfilling career in the business world, I began fully stepping into the process of finding, restoring and upcycling previously-loved furniture pieces, something that I enjoyed quite a lot, being such a creative soul. This side hobby of mine quickly turned into a business I am so proud of - and really it's just the beginning of where we're headed! I am truly humbled by our repeat customers as well as the support from new faces alike. 

You never know what unique piece we will come across, breathing new life, style, and beauty back into each historic find, and truly, that is all part of the fun. 

There are big things ahead for Furniture at 151 and I am so happy you are along for the ride! 

Bev Esposito, Founder of Furniture at 151

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