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Before & After 
A Behind-the-Scenes Glimpse into the Transformation of Our Pieces

MCM dresser with four drawers BEFORE.jpg
Black table with shelf - BEFORE - 1.jpg
Black table with shelf - 5 - with books and lantern.jpg
Unique parlour table with drawer - 7 - with tulips.jpg
aaa Waterfall.Dresser - 2 -from Cambridge- BEFORE .jpg
Waterfall dresser in Ash and natural wood - 1.jpg
aaa.Vintage cabinet in dark charcoal with two doors - BEFORE - 1.jpg
Ash and blue pine cabinet, two glass doors and one shelf - 3 - showing towels.jpg
Cabinet or bookcase - BEFORE - 1.jpg
Cabinet or bookcase - 5 - with books.jpg
Medicine cabinet BEFORE 1.jpg
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